Bill Nye Subscription Box

Every 3 mos. Bill Nye sends you items to change the world

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Bill Nye will send you items related to cool gadgets, culture, and technology. And he always sends along a note to describe the theme of the package and the meaning behind each object. Shipping is free to the US. (Canada +$30; rest of world +$40).
@nikkielizdemere I like the idea, but 40$ outside the US is heavy...
@sebastiangalla Agreed. $90 a box is a bit much.
This is a Quarterly subscription. You can do this with other celebs and their picks, too.
@sarahbuhr Yeah, but I have a special place for Bill Nye. 💛
I wouldn't really call this a separate product since it's part of Quarterly... cc: @rrhoover
@rrhoover @taykcrane Disagree. You could probably make a sweeping generalization about all subscription boxes but Quarterly does a solid job at differentiating their offerings by selecting a wide array of public figures to curate subscriptions. But to each their own (opinion)! :)