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Maarten Belmans
@poehah · Creator of http://bike-sharing.org/
The application is available everywhere, but it depends on users like you (& me) to make bicycles available in a specific city. If you have a spare bicycle, you can input it in the application. At that point, others will see 1 available bike in SF. Since we're still quite young, I guess nobody from SF has a spare bike he or she wants to lend out :)
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Maarten Belmans
@poehah · Creator of http://bike-sharing.org/
Thank you @gregoiregilbert. Biking is a big part of our culture, especially in bigger cities. It's quite amazing to see bicycle parkings filled with 1000s of bikes. I love cycling, traveling and couch surfing. I poured these 3 things together & the idea for BikeSharing was born :) So what is BikeSharing: As a cyclist, you are used to going everywhere b… See more
Anuj Adhiya
@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Added to my (currently small) Getting Around on Bicycles collection: http://www.producthunt.com/@anuj...
Greg Gilbert
@gregoiregilbert · Founder, Blades.live
Since I relocated to Sweden a few months ago, I've became more and more sensitive to this kind of initiatives. It follows the trend of using vs owning. Good job @PoeHaH I see that you're in Belgium. Do a lot of people in your city prefer biking over public transportation? How did you get the idea for BikeSharing?
Juliet Chen
@julietchen · Social Media Strategist at Buffer
Love it! I can't wait to use it next time I visit another city! Added to my cycling collection of course. :)
@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
@poehah love the idea - was going through the sign-up process to get started but it asks for age. I thought you might just use that info, but it goes on my profile. Not sure why it's needed. I get why you might have it as optional, tho.