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Hi Product Hunters! My name is Christof, i am the Co-Founder & CEO of Bikemap. We are glad to share the freshly rebuilt Bikemap with you! Bikemap is the world's largest collection of cycle routes. We believe that many of you will find it useful. There is so much passion in our new products. Find and plan your perfect route with Bikemap all over the world. We made it easy for all devices. Feel free to send us feedback or ask any questions :-)
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@quadres as a huge fan of digital maps and how they can benefit us in our offline lives, I think this product is fantastic. I might have missed it but can you form meet ups with other riders in your area? I think the social aspect would provide a certain stickiness that would make this a staple app for bike riders across the world. Killer product.
@doyoulikesports Hi Hunter, thanks a lot for your feedback - great idea - we discussed the meetups also. As a first step into that we now start an ambassador program with our power users and local heroes - this will be the first step into this. Please drop me a line if you want to be part of it, looking forward...
@quadres Boulder, CO map opens Colorado springs
@maxrehkopf Hi Max, thank you - we are are still fixing this issue at the moment.
Bikemap allows you to discover πŸ—» cycle routes from fellow 🚴 cyclists from all over the world. This means you can also add your own favorite routes to share them with others. Personally impressive to me was seeing the volume of routes they already have in the database (2.8+ million). Also quite useful are the city maps as each city has their own degree of 'friendliness' and it's always good to know how to get around when you want to explore and πŸ“· see things but still be on your bike.
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This is great - feels like amazon for bikemaps! I'm curious why you don't use Google maps to display the routes?
@fdorfbauer Thanks, that's great to hear! :-) As Google Maps is rather built for general (car) use, we've implemented our own map based on OpenStreetMap to 1. stay up to date in terms of cartographical material and 2. provide more relevant information specifically for cyclists, like watermarks, better hill shading, etc.
Hi there & thanks @__tosh for hunting! 🌟 I'm the product guy at Bikemap & I've dropped about thousands of hours into designing this thing, so if anyone has any feedback and/or questions, I'll be happy to answer them! 😎
@tobias__seiler Hey Tobias! I notice that when I search for Pittsburgh it drops me into Harrisburg instead. Just FYI! Not sure if this is a wider bug.
@benburns Thanks! Actually, matching routes to a specific region is not entirely trivial, but we strive to improve this!
I was dreaming about that kind of service! Thanks guys. Would be great to have maps for dirt jumping spots or north shores, usually that spots are really hard to find if you are not local.
@frostaloha I could not agree more with you. It's a very common need. The team is doing an excellent job in scaling a global service in a local way. Bravi!
@nick88msn @frostaloha This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but check out They provide MTB trail maps including breakdowns of each riding area. The trails are rated by difficulty and there is a star system to rate enjoyment. They also include local club information which often includes info about local bike parks, rides, etc.
@jakekeys Thanks, Jake. I know about them but their coverage are good in US only. For example, they don't have any trails in Cyprus but there are a lot
@frostaloha @jakekeys Hi Andrew and Jake, we are now developing an ambassador-program with our heavy users and local heroes to find out what are the local needs and who can we provide information and/or routes there.