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Notify your emergency contacts in case of an accident

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As I'm preparing for my 6th Techbikers, I found this product interesting from a safety perspective - the founder mentioned to me that Keep me Safe was developed after a terrifying experience of looking after a friend who fell from his bike. Luckily, he ended up only with a mild concussion, but it was a good reason to rethink the safety of cyclists. By the way, if you're interested in joining Techbikers, sign up for our newsletter at https://techbikers.us7.list-mana...
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@ediggs Nice hunt Eze, so keep me safe is the USP of this app? Strava somehow provide the same feature with Beacon
@ediggs Tnx for sharing Eze! We believe that our phones can be easily transformed into beautiful and affordable Bike Computers that can improve the overall cycling experience - from adding safety with Keep me Safe, syncing with Strava, to utilizing a modern design with added personalization which is coming soon... very soon :). Bike Computer is not a competitor to other cycling apps, but an alternative for all cyclists to enjoy, especially if you are striving to enjoy your long bike tours and improve. If you have questions or an opinion of the app, feel free to write to us. We are always open to hearing feedback on what can we do better and make your cycling experience better.
Nice find, @ediggs. My brother could use a version of this for hiking. He often explores Oregon alone with his dog as my parents worry at home. 😁
@rrhoover Tnx for commenting Ryan. There is a possibility to make a hiking computer with added safety, but currently we are focusing on cycling and making Bike Computer even better... personalization and more features coming soon. :)
I love the app and everything about it. It looks great, it works perfectly and it keeps me safe! :D I know for this product for a while now and I am really satisfied. Keep on building guys!
Disclosure: Early Investor here :) Really proud of Ivan and his team. They've built a phenomenal cycling platform that is more accurate and easier to use than anything out there. Keep Me Safe adds a great layer of security when you go out for a ride. This app has grown exponentially since it's launch, those who are using it absolutely adore its beautiful simplicity as well as robust functionality. Can't wait to see what Ivan and the Bike Computer team come up with next!
Really a needy app.