Golf's first mental game analytics platform.

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Hi Everyone, we created BIIRDIE to help golfers better understand the mental aspects of their game and took an analytical approach in doing so. We've also built the platform to allow coaches to see all of their player's data, essentially getting them "into their players' heads". We are looking forward to feedback and are excited to be on Product Hunt!
The platform sounds really interesting! it'd be nice if there were screenshots or demos more readily available on the site. Your demo video is almost 40 minutes long and not veryapproachable. Is the product more oriented towards individual players or coaches?
@swetzequity Hey Zach! Great feedback. We do have some screenshots on the site and agree that they could be improved and ordered more like a product tour. The product is oriented to both individual players and their coaches. It's use case is the same, and if a coach is involved there is a fantastic opportunity for information exchange and relationship building.
I think a 10 or 30 day free trial would be really helpful. It's a great idea!