Makes watching programming tutorials more fun

#5 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2016

Big Tube is a simplified way of watching full-screen videos from YouTube. It is incredibly useful if you are watching tutorials. It embeds the video in the browser, so any sort of shifting between tabs, minimizing or maximizing will be done easier and much smoother.

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This is nice, but I'm not sure if you knew that YouTube already has something similar built in - e.g. You just use
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@hugojmd Thanks for pointing that! Instead of editing the url i would enjoy to use the bigtube page!
@rakibtg at least acknowledge you're the creator of this app, if you're gonna make it seem like it's any better than what YouTube has built in. Misleading.
@smontana Basically its a very simple single page web app, with few nifty lines of js code .. i think any one can build it in few hours .. It is not any killer idea ,, or what so ever.