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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 05, 2015
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I'm the founder of BigStash. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the service. Thank you, Emiel!
@vrypan Every GB of data I add to a cloud storage increases my switching cost. If I were to theoretically fill up my 5TB free quota in the 1st year, it would cost me $500 in the 2nd year to keep all my data going forward. I'm scared of this! Does BigStash allow me to select which of the 5TB of data I want to access if, say, in the 2nd year I decide to only sign up for the 10GB plan?
@vrypan greetings. Nice service. Can you provide us with more background about you and the team/service please, before uploading loads of important files. Ta
Handy! I'm trying out the "experimental" Mac client. Pricing looks pretty reasonable after the first free year as well.
@aliratiq, yes, a 5TB plan will cost you $500 next year. However, this is probably one of the lowest prices around when it comes to cloud storage. (Despite what is usually said, cloud storage costs are not zero!)
Why should I use this over Dropbox other than much more storage and the year free-long trial?
@zackshapiro BigStash can be a better fit in a number of cases: - If you don't have enough local storage and you want to avoid the elaborate (and somehow risky) dance with Dropbox selective sync, for files you know you won't need in the near future: For example, hours of GoPro footage (and in general, raw video or audio footage) after you edited the good parts out, email backups, etc. - If you want to make sure the archived files will not be overwritten or deleted by mistake. - If you want to archive old projects (for example, design or photography projects) you haven't touched for years.
@vrypan Since it's built with Glacier, how does your pricing compare with Amazon Glacier? In terms of things like requesting a download, etc, is there a point that BigStash is more economical than just using regular Glacier and something like
@colemercer We hide the complicated Glacier pricing by aggregating usage. We do not charge users for download requests or bandwidth.