The scalable blockchain database.

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From the makers of Ascribe, this has the potential to be a big deal. In discussing it with my friend @trentmc0, he and his team have blown the cap off the conventional blockchain limitations, delivering "1 Million Writes per Second, Petabyte Capacity, Linear Scaling". Blockchain technology should not apply only to currency — and BigchainDB seems ready to enable countless other applications that may have been encumbered by the blockchain's previously reported limitations.
It looks amazing. Still getting my head around its applications but sounds like a great new approach to infrastructure. Glad to see the blockchain moving into more and more areas of infrastructure
@diogosnows Hi Diogo. I think the platform is called BigchainDB, not BlockchainDB.
How is it different from ?
@haseeb doesn't yet have a transaction database so they could use BigchainDB underneath their smart contracts platform.
This could be big. Very big. Hope so.
awesome, thanks~ #upvote