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What if you could send messages to anyplace you want and get personal answers from people who are there?

Join the Bigbee community and connect with anyone, anywhere!

Explore the map, send messages to places and discover the world through the eyes of somebody else!

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Great job!! Will try it out 😊
Just subscribed to iOS beta. This seems really cool!
The yellow on the homepage hurts my eyes 😎 (looks like a cool idea tho)
@haroldcummingto I had the bad idea to build it while using F.lux... If you don't use F.lux watch for sunburns !
Hey Product Hunt! Very excited to share what we've been working on for the last 7 months. Nowadays plenty of data is stored and available on the internet (Google), but what about the data we don't share with the internet, the data we get live with our 5 senses? This data could be valuable for someone else in the world! Let's say you want to know something about a place, a bar, a club, a hostel. Why don't you just send a message to those places and get connected with someone who is actually there so you can get live information? Bigbee lets you send messages to anyplace in the world, you just have to set a circle perimeter (from 30m to 400m). Every user located within that perimeter will be able to see your message, your profile and choose to answer to you! Users are located anonymously represented by a little blue circle, so no one knows where you are. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also we would love to get your feedback and invite you to give it a try, an IOS beta version is available on the website.
@hadrien_clf how do you get people to sign up for this to receive messages? Like, what would motivate them to do so? And, how does this app affect your battery life?
@chrismessina Good question! We think that people are naturally willing to make new connections! If someone needs an information about a place and I'm the only one able to share this information because I'm actually in that place, I'd be glad to help that person and make a new connection. Because it feels good! Just like it feels good when you help someone on the streets who asks for his way and he gives you a smile to thank you. It's human nature! Regarding the battery consumption, right now it's about 7-8% but we are working hard to reach 4 or 3% !
@hadrien_clf got it, thanks. I think my question is more about how you'll get people to download and install the app in the first place... What is your growth strategy?
@chrismessina Oh I see Well Bigbee is all about density of users. In order for a user to find a use case we need density. We are targeting Paris first with universities, high schools so we get "mindset density", people who are in same mindset are more likely to connect.
@hadrien_clf got it β€” good luck!
very suitable for matches))