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We have this dynamic on It hasn't gained huge traction but it also isn't the focus of the site. Surfacing this as the main feature could get a better audience for it.
@patrickjbradley Thanks for the feedback Patrick. Soon we'll add tutorial proposals too, like "I want to write a tutorial entitled XYZ, are you interested?". And we'll see what happens :)
@ailith @patrickjbradley That's a good idea. Honestly, that's probably the flow that would get more interest in my SoSoSwift. It's funny that the inverse of what I made I never even considered! When you get new Swift tutorials be sure to post a link to them on SoSoSwift. We won't drive 10,000 hits in a day (like HN or PH) but what we do send your way will be quality traffic for sure. Good luck!
Interesting to see the reverse dynamic of creation only upon request. Does anyone get to see the tutorial when it's done, or is it private to only the person who requested? And if more people join in, is the payment (say $50) split among them, or does everyone pay separately?
@manasvinik Hi Manasvini, thanks for the feedback. Glad you like our idea! Tutorials will be available to everyone (something very similar to Works That Work locked articles, i.e. and creators will be free to decide the price that they believe to be fair, based on the average suggested figure.  These features are on our roadmap and they should be available in the next coming months. How does it sound?
Great implementation, kudos! As a content creator, I'd love to suggest my own ideas for crowdfunding. Also, is there a way to secure that suggested payment, to make it a real game? :)
@uibreakfast Hi Jane, thanks for the feedback. Next week you'll be able to validate your tutorial ideas, we're very curious/excited about this feature. Speaking of payments, our idea is to rely on one of Robert Cialdini's principles of persuasion - commitment and consistency (more on ): "People want to be both consistent and true to their word. Getting customers or co-workers to publicly commit to something makes them more likely to follow through with an action or a purchase." We hope he's right :)
@ailith @uibreakfast Awesome, thank you! I hope so, too — otherwise we've all learned the hard way that some conversion rate applies, even in situations with public commitment :)
@uibreakfast Hi Jane, we pivoted! Big Tuts is now Contento, a funding ecommerce platform that enables anyone to publish and sell tutorials. We'd love to know your thoughts and feedback :)
Time for some considerations, 10 days after. Bad news: our experiment hasn't gained much traction. After an encouraging start, tutorial requests have basically stopped. Good news is that we're working on a slightly different approach/dynamic, probably with another name. I'll keep you updated!
We pivoted! Big Tuts is now Contento, a funding ecommerce platform that enables anyone to publish and sell tutorials