Big Racket

Grunt like a tennis great, just in time for Wimbledon!

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HAHA the description on the App Store!! Description My mum said I'd never amount to anything, but I just made this app where you swing your phone and make a racket, so people can be just like the grunting greats of tennis. Who's a 'worthless mistake' now mum?! So what if Muriel got into Cambridge, I'd like to see her make a badass tennis app. One day I'll be rich with all my app money and famous with all my app fame. Then we'll see who's living in whose basement. Sharapova may need the volume turned down! Example:
Big Racket uses ground breaking technology to put you in the shoes of Andy Murray, on the court with Rafael Nadal and rehab with Sharapova. We thank you for your support. Grunt for greatness.