Big Decisions

An app that helps you make better decisions

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Paul Gambill
CEO of Nori
I absolutely love this approach to decision making. It works by creating a list of options for a decision, and a list of criteria to rank them on. To come up with a winning option, first you have to rank the criteria in terms of importance. The app does this cleverly by asking the user to compare two criteria at a time, until it can set the overall order. Then you rank each option on each criteria on a 1-5 scale. In the end, you get a score for each option that is weighted against the importance of your criteria. Ways you can use this: - Where to move to - What kind of car to buy - Which job offer to accept - What to name your new puppy I just wish there was a web app, because I find myself wanting to use this all the time, but I don't always have my iPad with me.
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@paulgambill Hi Paul, there is a webapp for exactly what you are looking for. Check out I had developed it sometime back as a side project and after seeing your comment I thought why not publish it. It is in beta mode. Would love to know what you think of it.
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Saurabh JambureProduct & Growth at Nearby Technologies
Making important decisions takes much more than comparing options. Many times, too much information creates too much confusion. After getting into confusing situation many times and talking to around 20 people going through similar situation, we've came up with Have a look at it and give your valuable feedback!
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