Big Apple Buddy is a personalized shopping service that helps international consumers buy from U.S. stores that do not ship internationally. Our unique platform provides tech enthusiasts and fashionistas with the opportunity to buy anything they desire from the U.S., regardless of where they are in the world.

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Great job !! 😊 Really solves the paIN poInts of the international buyers
Hi @ayush_chandra! Thank you so much for the kind words! We really do hope to make shopping in the U.S as easy as possible for our international customers :)
Awesome! As someone living in Perth and often seeing the sorry we can’t ship to your location, I’m sure this will be useful. Planning on building an iOS app ?
Many thanks for the feedback @nanomeko! Getting things in Australia can certainly be difficult at times. Yes, building an iOS app is definitely on the cards for 2019 :)
Hi Product Hunt! I’m Phillis Chan, the Co-Founder & CEO of Big Apple Buddy, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my company with you today. A special thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt 😄 Big Apple Buddy is a shopping concierge that helps international consumers buy from U.S. stores that do not ship internationally or accept foreign credit cards. The idea for Big Apple Buddy emerged from my experience growing up in Melbourne, Australia. In Australia, and many other parts of the world, consumers often have to wait months or years for products and brands to arrive locally. Sometimes, the products and brands never arrive at all. International consumers can try their luck at buying direct from the U.S, but many stores do not offer international shipping or accept foreign credit cards. Moving to New York, where people are blessed with convenience and accessibility, gave me an even greater appreciation of this issue faced by millions globally. I wanted to create Big Apple Buddy to bridge the gap in cross-border shopping and to give people an opportunity to access the latest tech, fashion, beauty and outdoor products from the U.S., regardless of where they are in the world. Shopping should be without borders 😃 So how exactly does Big Apple Buddy work? 1. Request a free quote or order directly from our Shop page 2. We buy your product from the U.S. and ship it to your international address 3. Receive your product in as little as 2 business days. It’s really that easy! The goal of our service is to provide a unique and personalized shopping experience that helps people around the world buy anything they want from the U.S., quickly, reliably and hassle-free. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! I hope you find BAB useful :) Cheers Phillis