Bieber Bomb

Text bomb your friends random Justin Bieber lyrics

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HAHA uh oh!!! the @producthunt team are going to enjoy this... I'm very concerned that since they are on a mission to convert me to Biebs that I may receive some of these myself! @rrhoover @jacqvon @mscccc @andrewmettinger @katesegrin
Please don't upvote this. I don't want my friends to know what I'm using all day today.
UPDATE #2: Totally worth $1:
For my FRIENDS? Aren't friends people you like? ;-)
bit of a privacy nightmare, isn't it?
@optiquest21 hah, I think "shhhh" is the privacy policy
@passingnotes people who send "friends" bieberbombs (cant believe that's a word now) are already on such a dark path that a privacy policy wouldnt help them…
Can't wait for this to work for non-US numbers! 😃