A digital marketplace for websites and online businesses.

Bidhype is a digital marketplace for websites and online businesses. We connect buyers and sellers by providing a platform that is simple to use, powerful and secure.

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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ A few months ago I decided to sell some of my projects on Flippa. After jumping through multiple hoops to get listed, slow support and various fees - I decided to build a better alternative. Everyone meet Bidhype! Bidhype is a digital marketplace for websites and online businesses. It costs just $10 to add a listing and an optional escrow system is available for secure transactions between buyers and sellers. I've built Bidhype to be simplistic, whilst remaining a powerful platform for users to buy and sell. Currently Bidhype is in an early launch stage and there's only a couple of live listings. I've been working tirelessly on it for months and I'd rather push it to you folks and work on new features/fixes based on your feedback, than spend my time building stuff you don't want. I hope you all can understand this and help me better the site over the next few months. A huge thanks to everyone who helped me with development and feedback. I'm excited to see what the future holds. Happy bidding! P.S. I'm currently looking for work! I can build websites and make fuego coffee. Currently @bidhype, previously and Holler here, or Tweet me, @ryanheybourn.
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Really clean! I love it. I found a bug on the listings page at the bottom right of the sidebar there is a blank square that links to I'm assuming this is because there is only one listing. To get initial listings to populate the site maybe do a "free listing weekend" or something similar, so the marketplace doesn't look empty.
@theshadyx thanks Dean! I'm working on getting some initial listings on as we speak. Appreciate the heads-up about the bug, I'll sort that now.
Marketplaces are tough to launch. Who comes up with the prices for the sellers? I've had a hard time in the past buying from devs that have no idea how to appraise their product. Looks Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr thanks Deandre - they are indeed. Prices are determined by the sellers before they add a listing. I opted to add an auction functionality as it enables sellers to set a reserve and let the buyers determine a price for them. This is something I can see people unsure about valuation using quite often.
Flippa is pretty decent though they just need to remove some of the crappy listings. The fees are because they've got that critical mass. How will this be different to Flippa?
@raynes_cc hey Andrew. I'm hoping Bidhype can remain a place for founders and creators to quickly sell their projects, rather than have to jump through various hoops and processes to do so. Essentially we're a slimmed down, cheaper alternative to Flippa. We also allow buyers and sellers to complete their transactions outside of the platform.
This is an interesting idea. Definitely gonna watch it.