Fullscreen HTML5 background videos for the web

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I'm not quite understanding why a library is needed for this
@gibberish i kinda have to agree, since the "howto" page is about 10 times longer than a tutorial on how to do it in plain bootstrap.
@gibberish Have you ever tried to make a video background? The best solution I found was to hide the video, autoplay it, and render every frame onto a canvas. Kind of cumbersome.
This is great! Love the landing page for it too!
Thinking about it, maybe you should contact the people at Coverr and see if you could integrate with them?
@dylankbuckley Agree, they have an issue right now that they are not fixing with it fitting the entire background. It is only set to "width: 100%" not height.
@dylankbuckley Always happy to meet people who love video backgrounds :)
Well, here is an year old polymer component ->