Bible Tab

A Chrome extension that shows a Bible verse on every new tab

Bible Tab is a Chrome extension will show a random Bible verse when you open a new tab.

A new Bible verse will appear when you open a new tab. It helps you to learn the Bible verse easily.

I'm always welcome all the contribution about the content (Bible verses) for this extension.

Thank you for using.

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Is there a version that displays quotes from other fantasy stories, like Lord of the Rings or A Song of Ice and Fire?
@andrewdavidj I haven't thought of it. My product is open on Github. You can clone and change as your need.
@andrewdavidj the Bible is not fantasy. Evolution for one example requires most faith.
@androidlove Not interested in debating, bye.
@andrewdavidj intelligent people let other people have coping mechanisms, be them faith based. Bye asshat.
@mateitudor Did I say anything about not letting people have their religion? Just because I don't want to debate MY lifestyle? Sounds like you are the person who lacks intelligence, not I. And your name calling is pretty unnecessary; I've reported you.
Nice! Great idea!
Great work!
Indoctrination tab 2000
You inspired me to do one for Quran