Bhagavad Gita -> Simplified is a modern Gita app with a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface, helping you focus on reading.


Radha Krishna
Harshavardhan Reddy


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Samanyou Garg
Samanyou GargMaker@samanyou_garg · Geek and software engineer.
Hey Product Hunt, Super happy to announce (Bhagavad Gita -> Simplified). Bhagavad Gita is a 700 verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata (chapters 23–40 of the 6th book of Mahabharata). It is a practical guide to one's life that guides one to re-organise their life, achieve inner peace and approach the Supreme Lord (the Ultimate Reality). As an avid Gita reader, I find it hard to carry a physical copy of the Bhagavad Gita with me all the time. On the flip side, it’s extremely rare that I don’t have my smartphone, my tablet, or my computer with me. So, I searched the internet for an app or a website that was very well designed and at the same time provided some added benefits to the user to enhance his/her reading experience but couldn’t find one. Say hello to, an app built for Gita readers by Gita readers. is a modern Gita app with a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface, helping you focus on reading. It takes design inspiration from Google’s material design, which gives it a modern look and feel and also helps it provide a more engaging user experience with perfect usability. Material Design’s reusable elements help it cut page load times without compromising on the design which means a quicker, leaner platform for both the readers and the makers. perfectly combines this intuitive, user-friendly design with best-in-class features to greatly enhance the experience of its users. Features - Fast Search  —  Search by chapter, verse, phrase or person to quickly find what you are looking for. - Explore Each Verse  —  Dive deep into each verse through a library of translations, transliterations and word meanings. - Progress Tracking  —  Keep track of your Chapter-wise, Overall and Monthly Progress using detailed graphs and statistics and Get Rewarded for your Progress with badges. - Reading Plans  —  Join Reading Plans to easily read Gita at your own pace and improve your Gita reading habits. - Favourites — Share, memorise and find your favourite verses. - Multilingual — Translations, word meanings and commentaries in multiple languages. - Dark Mode  —  Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone? comes with a dark theme to help relieve eye strain, and make your eyes feel at ease during night reading. - Available Offline  —  Bhagavad Gita there for you, whenever you want, wherever you want. - 100% FREE  —  Bhagavad Gita is 100% free to use. - No Ads  —  There are no ads that would take your attention away from the Song of God. - Share  —  Encourage your community by sharing verses. - Really Fast  —  Everybody hates slow apps. We are committed to making performance our number one priority. - Open Source  —  MAKE IT YOUR GITA. Help make your favourite Gita app even better by adding new features, translations etc. - Reliable  —  Loads quickly and never shows the dinosaur, even in uncertain network conditions. is available as a cross-platform web application (accessible at on your web browser) and an android application (available on the Play Store).