Help people by sharing contacts pseudo anonymously

BFF is a makers community to ask and recommend contacts anonymously and earn a reputation score which will be converted to as BFF tokens.

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Hi, I am Vartika from the BFF Team. BFF (Best friends 👫 forever) is a "put me in touch with?" feed, where you can pseudo anonymously answer by recommending your friend's contact and earn a reward if your network is helpful :) What problem is it solving?: connecting people directly, one at a time as per recommendation, location and relevance. PS. Phone numbers of your friends will not be shared until they allow 😎 PPS. Your rewards and reputation will be converted into crypto tokens 💰 PRO-TIP: Early adopters get rewarded with 100 BFF Tokens 😇 transferable in Eth✌️ DOWNLOAD IOS App: Would love to get feedback from the PH Community. Like, Dislike, Maybe?
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@vartikamanasvi Cool concept! When are you all launching? I noticed it's just a sign up page at the moment.
@abadesi Glad, you liked it. The IOS app is live here for U.S. Do share your thoughts after you try it out :)
@vartikamanasvi amazing place to Refernce .
I've connected with Vartika while seeing the early versions of what has now become BFF :) So awesome to see it out there now! Feedback: Onboarding flow is essential. I know the product and what it does but if someone downloads the app they need to know how it works, what it does, that it sends auto-SMS to their friends when you recommend etc.
@bentossell thanks for the feedback Ben. Will work on these points.
Hi, I'm Celento from the bff team. We would love to get your sincere feedback about our product. Also please do check out our app on the App Store.

It's a really cool app, still has way to go, but I'm really impressed with what it has to offer!


Very easy to recommend a friend


A few bugs here and there

Thanks Steven, glad you liked it. running after the bugs, to make them run :D
Cool concept! It will be really a value add for specific communities. Is this launched?, yet?
@kabandisaikia hey hey! yup IOS app up for download - Check it out :)