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Shailo Rao
Shailo RaoMaker@shailorao · Breaker - Founder
Thanks @shane_112! A little background- We're driven by a mission to help people explore their interests in-depth and connect with friends who share their passions. This sports newsreader is our first test case for the information aspect of our vision- and as a sports junkie, a super fun one to work on. Beyond the Box gives people focused coverage of their interests, so they don't have to surf through their often noisy feeds on horizontal networks to get what they really care about. What we're doing here is taking the high quality tweets, links, photos, and videos from Twitter and Instagram and delivering it in a focused feed about your favorite sports teams and leagues. As sports fans we're super lucky because both Instagram and Twitter are especially rich sources of information. Sports media, teams, leagues, and even players are super active on these two channels. Instagram photos are great for sports shots and the 15 second Instagram videos are a natural fit for sports highlights. Tweets are great for live game commentary and offer a great second screen experience for sports fans.
Joe Fabisevich ™
Joe Fabisevich ™@mergesort · Founder at Picks (
@shailorao I really appreciated that I was able to explore it without signing up. I love the app conceptually, but I think the execution could use a lot of polish though. So far I haven't find this much less noisy than other alternatives, and even random tweets about "ModX developers" surfaced in the NFL feed. I'd love to see something like this take off, I can email you some more feedback about the visuals and aesthetics that iPhone app which I noticed in playing around with it tonight.
Shailo Rao
Shailo RaoMaker@shailorao · Breaker - Founder
@mergesort Thanks for checking it out and appreciate your support! It's fun to see the concept resonate with others. We're constantly refining the content engine behind-the-scenes, so your feedback and screenshots are super helpful. Unfortunately you likely ran into a bug that we're working on fixing. Please drop me a line any time at shailoATgobeyondboxDOTcom
Shane Walker
Shane Walker@shane_112 · CEO of
@shailorao very cool app with football season starting up. What's the insight around having a separate app to carve out content from IG/Twitter for sports ?