Beyond Curie

Celebrating badass women in science

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Jason Shen
@jasonshen · Product Manager, Etsy
Most of us know who Marie Curie is—the badass woman who did groundbreaking research in radioactivity and won not one but two Nobel Prizes: one in Physics in 1903 and one in chemistry in 1911. But it turns out there have been 16 other women who have won Nobel’s in the sciences, and plenty more incredible women who have made major contributions in the STEM f… See more
Amanda Phingbodhipak
@alonglastname · Design Strategist, Capital One Labs
Thanks @jasonshen for hunting! Like many people, I was feeling pretty upset after the election, and thinking a lot about how I get more involved. One of my friends had worked on the Hillary campaign and told me to pick a cause I care deeply about and support it in a way only I could. That's what led me to do Beyond Curie. I wanted to celebrate the rich hi… See more