Bevywise MQTT Broker

Connect Devices, Collect & Analyse Data & Visualize it

MQTTRoute is more than an MQTT Broker which provides storage of data at the backend and visualization of data. It makes your IoT Implementation much easier reducing Cost and speeding up the time to market. Plugins help choose your own storage options.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Support for Windows, Linux & Mac. Works seamlessly with all standard mqtt clients. Works for all QoS, WILL and Retain Messages. Support for persisting connected Devices & messages to SqlLite & MySQL Support for SSL / TLS encryption. Can connect up to tens of thousands of Devices.
We added new rule engine which can help transform messages as needed for integrating multiple devices. More details of how to use the rule engine is here.
We have added a Public MQTT server at
MQTTRoute now has MQTT Gateway to connect IoT Sensors -
How to host MQTT Broker on the public cloud with high security