Interactive diary app oriented to your personal goals!

BeVisionary is the interactive diary, which allows to set goals that automatically become the themes you can daily write impressions on. The next day, impressions you've written are saved as the single page in Chronicle and remain unchangeable, except you can comment them on!

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Hello, PH community! I’m 19 years old self-taught developer and BeVisionary creator. I’ve started to learn programming from scratch in parallel to university studying 1.5 year ago in order to make this app. A small opportunity to impact positively on some people’s lives - was the only thing inspiring and motivating me not to give up so far. IDEA Once you set a goal – BeVisionary creates a theme for your reflections. As you think and write about your goal, you start to evaluate life in terms of this goal and your mindset is being gradually changed in favor of it. That influences your activities and real life decisions. Also, reflecting on your past thoughts helps you better understand the main life tendencies and benchmarks for the future. MISSION BeVisionary is created to help you breaking an everyday routine in favor of reaching goals based on your dreams!  MONETIZATION Full access subscription – just for 0.99$/month and free month trial. It is cheap and I need it to support and improve BeVisionary if some people would like it. Thank you for your attention, I’d be happy to get your feedback!
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BeVisionary is very laconic and useful, that is all I can say about it!


- Helps to keep going in chosen life direction

- Less time wasting being distracted by useless routine

- Laconic, not noisy design


- Some visual design polishing would be useful

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very good thing for busines person
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@roland_hovsepyan thank you very much!
Ivan, congrats on launching BeVisionary. I use Day One to journal and look forward to testing out your app. Any plans on making an iOS or Mac version?
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@envisionwithj Thank you so much! :)) I hope you like BeVisionary, and would find some authentic value because of that goals as themes feature! Currently, it's available on iOS, but iPads as devices only! Soon, in further updates I will make it available for iPhones with iCloud synchronization across devices! Mac stuff is a bit complicated, but also important, and if there would be people for whom to try - I will be glad to work and make it for all Apple devices :) Funny thing is some voice input with Apple watches let's say :D May be cool in certain way) Kind of psychological relief effect :)
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Can’t get enough of organizers and diary boards!! )))
@astghik_azaryan I hope this is an original one :)