Bevel Trimmer

A beautiful facial trimmer from Walker & Co.



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Napoleon Suarez — Founder, Fishbox
@tristanwalker First off, congrats on the launch! I've been following Bevel for a while now and I use the razor constantly. Do you have plans to add attachments to the new trimmers? I don't use a trimmer, but I use a set of clippers to buzz my hair a few times a week. It'd be dope to be able to add an attachment for different lengths.
ᴹᴵᴿ — director of ops, Walker and Company.
@napoleonsuarez thanks and glad you asked! we're launching with the first blade set which aims to deliver a closer shave and line up. The blade has a built-in adjustment (tool-free Bevel Dial) to be able to zero gap. However, we definitely have cutting hair to different lengths on our roadmap! stay tuned.
Jason Wise — Former CEO @PersonaDrive (acquired 6/16)
@mirmanwar @napoleonsuarez I'll +1 for attachments for bearded folks...When you guys get to that portion of the roadmap, I'll definitely be a customer! Sweet design and features, Tristan.
Don Loeb — VP Corporate Development, Techstars
@mirmanwar @napoleonsuarez does this mean we can buy this version and get an attachment for different lengths later or should we wait for the next version?
Raj Ajrawat — Google Play & Android Partnerships Lead
Definitely going to pre-order. I've had to replace my Norelco 7300 2 times now (I love it, but at this point I'm not going to buy a third replacement for $60) and I want something that will last. Congrats on the launch.
@rajamatage Can't wait to welcome you to the family!
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