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@tristanwalker First off, congrats on the launch! I've been following Bevel for a while now and I use the razor constantly. Do you have plans to add attachments to the new trimmers? I don't use a trimmer, but I use a set of clippers to buzz my hair a few times a week. It'd be dope to be able to add an attachment for different lengths.
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@napoleonsuarez thanks and glad you asked! we're launching with the first blade set which aims to deliver a closer shave and line up. The blade has a built-in adjustment (tool-free Bevel Dial) to be able to zero gap. However, we definitely have cutting hair to different lengths on our roadmap! stay tuned.
@mirmanwar @napoleonsuarez I'll +1 for attachments for bearded folks...When you guys get to that portion of the roadmap, I'll definitely be a customer! Sweet design and features, Tristan.
@mirmanwar @napoleonsuarez does this mean we can buy this version and get an attachment for different lengths later or should we wait for the next version?
Definitely going to pre-order. I've had to replace my Norelco 7300 2 times now (I love it, but at this point I'm not going to buy a third replacement for $60) and I want something that will last. Congrats on the launch.
@rajamatage Can't wait to welcome you to the family!
@rajamatage thank you for the support!!
1. Is the trimmer versatile for head shaving as well? 2. If someone were to purchase the trimmer now, can the attachment heads be purchased separate later on?
@eli_s_kami My question as well - how well would it stack up against Skull Shaver?
@eli_s_kami Hi Eli! Thanks for your questions! 1. It can definitely be used for head shaving. The optimal use for the blade set that come with it at launch is: close shaves (face and head), line ups and trimming between zero gap (super close) and backed up to what most trimmers are set at out-of-box. 2. Yep, for sure. The modular design lends itself to having extra batteries and different blade sets. Those would be purchasable separately eventually.
So cool - best of luck to the Bevel team even though they don't need it at all!
@andythegiant Thanks Andy! You getting yourself a trimmer? We've gotta get you involved!
How much do blade replacements cost? I normally buy a new set of clippers when things get dull
@anderson760 thanks Joe! we'll be releasing individual part pricing soon. However, we've utilized hardened steel for the blades with professional usage frequency in mind and are confident that for an individual user the blades should last a long time!