Easily figure out what to budget for your wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are expensive and couples often don’t understand why or how to reduce the cost. We built Bev, the Bloomerent chatbot, to help couples figure out what to budget for flowers based on wedding month, flowers used, and wedding size.

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Hi PH Community, I’m one of the co-founders of Bloomerent along with @DanitZamir. We spend our days helping our customers connect with florists and share their flowers with other weddings and events through our marketplace. “How much should I spend on my wedding flowers?" is the #1 question we get from our customers. The confusion makes sense given your wedding is likely the first time you’ve had to purchase flowers in bulk (as opposed to buying flowers for your dinner table from Whole Foods or sending your mother flowers directly from a florist). The sticker shock can be intense when you get a quote from a florist for your wedding in the multi-thousand dollar range and you have no idea how to tell whether or not it's a fair price. To help our customers, we built Bev, a Facebook chatbot, who helps you better understand what you should spend on your flowers. Bev takes into account the following factors: - The type of flower or flowers you want to use - Whether or not the flower is in season during your wedding - The size of your wedding (based off of guest count), which assumes how many centerpieces you'd likely need based off of that number Our goal with Bev is to give our customers a better understanding about flowers and cost when they are finalizing their budget. Currently, you can only base your budget off of one flower as opposed to multiple flowers at once. For example, if you are planning a wedding in January, Bev will alert you to the fact that Peonies will be significantly more expensive than they would in May or June. We hope you love Bev and we’d love to get your feedback! If you have questions, we’re happy to answer them! 🌸🤖 P.S. We wrote a blog post identifying the most popular wedding flowers and included when they’re in season for inspiration:
Just tried this out and was interested to find that flowers for my hypothetical wedding would cost north of a grand! Would love to see some more educational aspects to the bot, including pictures, since I don't know the names of all the flowers I like. But on the whole super straightforward and useful!
@gillianim We really appreciate the feedback! We plan on including pictures and allowing for more complex flower arrangements in the future. Thanks again!

I love being able to cut out the middle man of an expensive wedding planner or florist and deal directly with Bev!


Amazing! Makes it so much easier to plan a wedding.



An interesting app. We had a wedding in India and something like that was not enough so we organized everything ourselves) Thank God this site really helped, namely to find a photographer and decorator.