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Radu Judele
Radu JudeleMaker@radujudele · My Cognitive Bias
Thanks for the Hunt Ria. That was our thinking when we built it. We thought we put all this time into sifting through hundreds of offers every day so why not share?! I'm around all day if anyone has any questions.
Daniel Loureiro
Daniel Loureiro@danielbloureiro · CEO, PepFeed
@radujudele Hi Radu, congrats on site, it really looks appealing! I thought you might want to know that we've been experimenting with this concept at PepFeed. We released a WordPress plugin to automatically match gadget reviews with the best offers. It's at Let me know if you're interested in discussing this further, I'd be happy to help.
VivekoMON@ivivekkm · Ninja, StartupCity
@radujudele How's the scene with India? Better users?
Will Grant
Will Grant@wgx · UX & Product Design Author
Lovely idea, well executed! Bravo BetterVouchers Team!
Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
This looks like a good way for bloggers to incorporate non-obtrusive, relevant adverts into their sites. I used to have a fashion blog and managing the affiliate programmes took a really long time - I would have loved something like this then!
Radu Judele
Radu JudeleMaker@radujudele · My Cognitive Bias
Thanks Will.
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose@jesslynnrose · Open Code, Founder
I've really enjoyed the feel of the site, the UX and design have a nice clean feel in contrast to many other deal aggregates. Really love the thought that's obviously gone into the search features, as well.
Radu Judele
Radu JudeleMaker@radujudele · My Cognitive Bias
@jesslynnrose Thanks Jess. That means a lot. BetterVouchers was born out of frustration with these big deals aggregates. We've gone one step further and only post deals that really save you money (shocking, right?) and also, just like on PH and Reddit, we don't get involved in the ranking. Instead, we let our users 'vote with their wallets' meaning that every time a deal is used, it gets an upvote as well.