Modernizing the roofing industry with drones

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The drones in flight are as beautiful as this product and the aerial footage it produces. BetterView takes manual work with ladders and brings it into this century by doing roofing inspections with drones. It's a fraction of the cost, saving insurance companies money upfront and big money if a claim comes in.
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This makes so much sense to reinvent a hugely manual and cumbersome process with drones.
@writerpollock just saw the video -- this looks like a great idea, nicely done @davidlyman!
@nivo0o0 thank you!
I'm one of the co-founders of BetterView. Happy to answer any questions you have.
The impact that using drones on construction sites is mind-blowing. Had never crossed my mind... Think drone-friendly packaging for building materials. And "wearable scaffolding" for construction workers so they could be drone-transported to any part of a structure-in-progress.