Manage your window positions and size from your keyboard

BetterSnapTool allows you to easily manage your window positions and sizes by either dragging them to one of the screen’s corners or to the top, left or right side of the screen. This enables you to easily maximize your windows, position them side by side or even resize them to quarters of the screen.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I spend too much time fiddling with window positioning/sizing. $1.99 is more than reasonable to solve this nuisance. Thanks for sharing, Ellen.
This is one of the few things I missed about Windows! (I set mine up for ctrl-L to do half left, ctrl-R to do half right, and ctrl-up to do maximize). Great for putting DayOne on one side and whatever I'm referencing on the other.
+1 used BetterTouchTool for ages until I realized I could just use this one spin-off app. It's so good and so mind-boggling how either this doesn't exist on OS X or isn't more of a solved problem on OS X.
@ellenchisa - Great hunt! I've been using this app for a couple years and couldn't use my Mac without it. I don't know how people survive without some type of app like this :) The only thing I'd love (which I don't think it can do) is hotkey for a 1/3 on one side and a 2/3 on the other side.
I've been using Better Snap Tool for about a year now too. LOVE it. Great for presentations and every time I do it, people ask how I did that. =)