Making it easier for people to reach their goals.

Radical new approach to pursue your goals. The perfect balance of guidance with autonomy, and support without pressure. App was launched on May 24, 2019, so would love some user feedback
BetterSelf was started in 2017 after I was unable to convince my wife to start writing down her goals, even though she saw the difference that goal setting had made in my life. Through research, it was obvious that the other “goal trackers” available weren’t attractive to the average person, because they either didn't provide enough support to get started or forced the user down a defined path. We created BetterSelf to overcome the typical hurdles and annoyances of goal setting. At this point, the company has been bootstrapped completely by the founder. We launched on May 24, 2019 and are currently focused on adding users.
I've tried it and think it's really great. It really impacts your ability to achieve your goals. It's kind of like a daily standup meeting for achieving your goals -- stupidly simple but incredibly powerful