Eat healthy, anywhere, anytime

Eating healthy doesn't need to be tedious and time-consuming. Betterplate allows you to discover healthy foods no matter where you are. View complete nutritional information from locations such as McDonald's and Shake Shack. Choose from healthy meal items that we've hand picked, or build your own meal from the complete catalogue of foods.

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Would love to see it on iPhone!
@peterfreeby In the process of building it :) can't wait to launch!
Very nice idea It appears to be specific to the US though
@footer For sure, getting all of the nutritional data is the hardest part, since there doesn't exist a consistent (and accurate) database for restaurant nutrition. The goal is to continue compiling data and only display the restaurants that are relevant to your location.
I will enjoy it some day😊
@frank_jia - I currently use MyPlate and love tracking my food. How’s this different from MyPlate? MyPlate -
@satish_kapalavayi1 MyPlate is a calorie tracker, which is great for those who can adhere to a strictly healthy lifestyle. I want to build Betterplate into an app that lets ordinary people make healthier decisions, but not necessarily track each individual calorie or macronutrient. Upcoming features include a healthy meal generator, add/remove customization items from restaurant foods, etc. The focus for Betterplate is quick & easy healthy food when people are too time-pressed (or just simply don't care enough) to track calories.