Betterment RetireGuide

Invest correctly for a comfortable retirement.

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A product that continues to evolve and make us all feel more comfortable with investment planning, great people behind it.
I haven't checked out the product yet, but i just love new retirement apps because they get people to be more conscious of saving money and make the process easier. When I was a barista, starbucks gave us a 6% 401k match - very generous! Even so, i had trouble getting my co-workers to invest. They would want to invest, and intend to, but unless I held their hands through the process and explained how it worked, it never got done. I think there are 3 barriers for new investors: 1. people are naturally risk-adverse 2. they have alot of questions 3. the process isn't fast or easy Most people need to talk to somebody before they felt comfortable enough to invest, but modern apps (like betterment) are definitely simpler than Fidelity (what we used at starbucks) and I hope they'll get some people to be more fiscally responsible. I actually wrote a guide to starbucks' 401k for baristas and it happens to be one of my most popular posts - so young people definitely *want* to be save for retirement.
I love it. Seeing that rate of inflation 40 years out is a bit terrifying though.