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Hey Hunters! My name is Manu Gorrepati and I'm a 15 year old student from Dallas, Texas. I created this app over the past few months during summer break. After using numerous to-do list apps I found that a lot them were great, but overcomplicated with unnecessary features . So, I created BetterList, a powerful, yet easy to use to-do list that includes only the most important features needed in a to-do app. BetterList allows users to customize tasks by adding a due date, reminders, notes, and subtasks. Users can also organize tasks with custom groups. Tasks can be easily snoozed by swiping left and task lists can be filtered to show only tasks from Today, Tomorrow, and more. The calendar function allows users to view tasks for a specific day. Users can also search for specific tasks by name or date. I have worked very hard on BetterList and would love to hear your feedback. So please feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter!
Hey, I'll start with congrats on being 15 and making your own app and putting it up for sale. I wasn't keen on making a purchase because of same reasons as others, lots out there, others are free, etc, but I see the price was lowered and, well heck, you're 15 and doing 115x more productive stuff than I was doing at 15, so you earned my $ today. Those integrations and stuff would be cool, but πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€˜ kudos to you, sir!
Looks pretty full featured (rather than simple).
@sign Hey Mark! BetterList does in fact include many features. By using the term simple I am referring to the interface which is very easy to use.
Just out of curiosity, does Better List have natural language processing for creating tasks / reminders?
@nostradamion Hey Damion! BetterList does not currently have NLP however I am currently working on adding it to the app.
@manugdev it does indeed look easy to use and it certainly is pretty (though I'm not sure using material design is the right choice on iOS). Besides NLP, what would sell me on this is Siri support and other integrations such as being able to sync with Reminders, Google Tasks, Evernote, etc. IF support would be nice too. Also, with so much competition out there I'm loathe to pay $3.99 to find out whether it will work for me.
@lsherman Hey Lee! A price reduction is currently being made to the app and I will definitely work on adding support for those services!
Hmm, so it freezes up on me every time I press anything. iOS 10 issue or?
@andym_dc Hey Andrew! Thank you so much for the support! And unfortunately the freezing is in fact due to iOS 10.
@manugdev haha. I can only assume you're working on it? πŸ˜‰ I'll stick it in a folder for safe keeping til update
@andym_dc I will definitely get into fixing that as iOS 10 full release is just around the corner!