Bettergram Messenger

An elegant Telegram client with killer upgrades.

Our goal is to help our users keep their chats organized.

You can finally pin 50 chats instead of 5.

Filter by category: favorites, dms, group, & announcements

Add important conversations to your favorites tab

View real-time crypto prices from Live Coin Watch

Enjoy the Telegram's world famous privacy and security

  • Han Yoon
    Han YoonCEO @ Lunar Digital Assets

    Pin more than 5 chats, categorize chats, segregate announcement channels, etc.


    No support for multiple users unless you run multiple instances

    This app is portable making it even more user friendly! No installations needed, just unzip and execute. I will patiently wait for multi-user support, Max ;)

    Han Yoon has used this product for one week.
  • Volodymyr Mishakin
    Volodymyr MishakinFront-end developer

    Good enough


    Everything is awesome imho

    A convenient client for the crypto world, to check prices in real time inside the messanger client is an excellent opportunity to not miss anything.

    Keep going.

    Volodymyr Mishakin has used this product for one month.
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Max Bloom
Max BloomMaker@livecoinwatchmb · Angel Investor - Tech Founder x 5
Bettergram was built out of personal frustration. When you use Telegram for the cryptocurrency industry, you'll often be in dozens of groups and announcement channels. Because Telegram doesn't have the ability to instantly read DMs or pin more than 5 messages, your most important messages often get buried to the bottom of your list. Missing just 1 critical message can cost you immense amounts of time and opportunity. We're super passionate about building software that helps people do more with their time. Try it out and let me know how you like it!
MTproto Supported?
For Russia, this is an extremely important issue because of the blocking of the service by the government
MONKIN@monkinco · We do impossible things possible
So this is a Telegram for security folks with cryptography background?
Max Bloom
Max BloomMaker@livecoinwatchmb · Angel Investor - Tech Founder x 5
@monkinco Basically, it's a must have if you're a serious user of Telegram. The crypto price bar is for cryptocurrencies, not cryptography specifically :0
Iryna  Petrash
Iryna Petrash@deleted-1381835 · front end developer
cool product! it is easy to use and you are can't miss your messages and group announcement. I recommend it for usage!
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
Great, using telegram a lot, and I needed these features. Waiting for mobile app
Max Bloom
Max BloomMaker@livecoinwatchmb · Angel Investor - Tech Founder x 5
@bitrewards Mobile is on the way :)