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Very excited to have met Tom when he presented at the LAUNCH Festival in 2014. He's really worked on the vision here and this is not simply "Secret for companies." this is a way for companies to let their employees discuss things in a constructive way, while allowing those with the same job function across companies share information. Secret devolved into slander and sex because there was no North Star to the product.... the north star for bettercompany is obvious: build better companies! very excepted to be an investor as well!
Hey there Product Hunt! We've built BetterCompany as a safe place to share about your work life with others that can closely relate to you. For me as a Founder, the ability to share the real day-to-day experiences of being a founder with others like me, without my own identity involved has been a very rewarding experience. Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
@tomwilliams absolutely beautiful product, I'm stunned. And I really like that I can sign up as a founder (etc) instead of being part of a larger organization. Awesome work!
Thanks Jason and Hi everyone. On BetterCompany, there are actually two communities where you can share without your identity, and they are separate. One is with other employees inside your company but the other is where I think the ProductHunt community will find the most immediate value. We call it your Circle and by simply entering your job title (e.g "Founder") and where you work (you can just use "Startup") you'll be connected with others like you. You accept people into your circle based on what they say. No profile, just what they're saying. If you reject that person, they are gone forever. I actually used Secret as a form of "Founder confessional" but was frustrated by how the ensuing conversations unfolded. Obviously, as Jason points out, when everything is identity-free, it takes extra effort to keep the content positive and constructive. I wrote a Medium post explaining our thoughts about this here: I look forward to your feedback!
This is a much needed product, and the timing is perfect. In our always-connected work world, it's critical that we find channels that enable us to be open and transparent about our day to day challenges as they happen. I'm excited about BetterCompany because it's solving a big need for people, and will enable companies to become better by receiving the candid feedback that is so often not received. I've had the pleasure to meet Tom a couple times, and he's both inspirational as a leader and passionate about this space, so I'm very excited to see where this goes. Congrats on the launch!
Its a good network for work life.. there is one good network for Private Life #Luvknect at