Perfect posture effortlessly. Ease back pain while you work.

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Hey, Hey Product Hunt! I created BetterBack and would love to answer any Qs. I've gotten pretty obsessed with posture since sciatica pain took over my life when I was starting my last company. We all spend so many hours a day sitting, rounded towards our laptops and phones, I'm hoping this can at least start the conversation around back pain in the startup community, and at best really help people out. Fun facts: researchers have proven that good posture boosts your motivation, energy, concentration, decision making and more! Ask me anything...
@katherinekrug cool! I have terrible posture so this is probably very good for me :) In testing, what amount of time have you found optimal for using it per day to improve posture? All day, beginning of day, on or off or something else?
@alexmr Hi Alex! Most of us have bad posture -- it's awesome you are interested in improving it. Wearing BetterBack for as little as 15 minutes a day produced noticeable improvements in people's sitting and standing posture throughout the day. The key is tying it to a trigger like eating breakfast, clearing the inbox, etc. so you do it every day. Your posture muscles will start to build and it will (1) feel comfortable to sit in good posture instead of slouched, and (2) you'll start to notice when you fall out of good posture and correct yourself throughout the day. The more you wear it, the faster you'll build up new muscle memory, but 15 minutes a day gets good results. I have back problems, so I switch between a hacked standing desk and sitting with BetterBack on throughout the day. My can't-live-without-it scenario is the airplane. It is a total lifesaver.
@alexmr more and more of us are spending extended time at our computers. We created a Slack bot that helps with contextual posture checks, mindfulness, yoga to help remedy this. Would love for you to try it out
I'm partial to the founder :) but I've tried BetterBack a number of times and it really works. I don't even have back pain but it's a great way to sit in pefect posture without even trying.
Katherine (the founder) let me try BetterBack several times and I swear that as soon as I get mine, I'm never going back to regular sitting. Makes sitting upright SO easy. Couldn't believe lived my whole life without it when I first tried it.
This looks like a much needed product!!! Way to go Kat.
@alyraz Thanks, Alyssa!!
This looks awesome!!!
@prsarahevans High fives! Thanks, Sarah!