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#2 Product of the DayApril 17, 2014
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Update: Last week we did a major new revision, version 1.6 with new services, security, and messaging features - check it out!
Thanks for the interest! We're here to answer any questions you have, and maybe even give out a few free trials of the PHA service, the real magic! Any questions I can answer for people?
Rise is great. Suneel and I spent some time together when he was forming that idea, and I think the world of him, that team, and that solution. He's part of this movement toward human/technology/service delivery we're seeing across every industry, and certainly where my heart lies. The key difference I'd say between the two is that we tend more towards the medical. If you think about a continuum from wellness->prevention->at risk->critical/chronic, we live 10% in the first one (pure wellness), and 90% across the last three. In each of those areas, we're also focused on both the clinical and the administrative. One of the most interesting things we learned during customer feedback was how much time people spend - and how they drop out of the health care process - due to the complexity. There's a direct line between compliance and system complexity. Despite being in this space for a long time, it was not obvious to me how direct that line was. Helpful? Fire away, I'm not known for being bashful, ask anything you like.
Really cool, just sent this to all my family members working in health care:)
Welcome, @geoffclapp! Congrats on the launch. I like that you're using technology to facilitate human interaction as opposed to a more "scalable" automated/algorithmic/sterile approach. How does this compare to Rise? cc @Noah_L