Better TweetDeck

Make TweetDeck even better with emojis, thumbnails and more

Better TweetDeck is a browser extension allowing you to improve your experience on TweetDeck.

See thumbnails from more than 25+ websites, add emojis to your tweets, improve the UI of TweetDeck, use regexes to filter tweets, and so much more.

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Hi ! I just released the V3 of Better TweetDeck, a Chrome extension that improves your experience on TweetDeck! The extension is already more than 3 years old and got more than 20,000 users on the Chrome Web Store! It's completely open source on GitHub (check the Website link) and completely free. It offers features like: - An emoji picker from the compose panel to easily add emojis to your tweets! πŸŽ‰ - The ability to display "Verified" badges on top of users' pictures in the columns! - A contextual menu item to easily share links to TweetDeck! - Thumbnails from various services (more than 25 services as of today!) in addition to Vine/Twitter/YouTube already supported by TweetDeck! The list is long but it contains things like Instagram, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Imgur, Flickr, 500px and Dailymotion! - The ability to turn back ❀ (hearts) to ⭐ (stars) - Various customization options to make TweetDeck truly yours such as rounded avatars, hiding icons from columns headers, smaller icons for the composer, amongst others! - A "minimal" theme so TweetDeck is even cleaner and nicer to use - The ability to customise the display of name/usernames and timestamps of tweets! - And many more! As I said the extension is completely free and is aimed to stay this way as of now. However, if you feel like it deserves it, you can make a one-time donation to Paypal (link on GitHub repo) or pledge me on Patreon ( You totally should also follow @BetterTDeck on Twitter for news and support for the extension! I hope you hunters will enjoy that! This extension is one of my biggest side projects yet so that's why I felt V3 deserved a place on Product Hunt :)
Cool Features 😎
@nivo0o0 Do the guys at PH use this?
I'm all over this. Had no idea this existed.
I just updated the extension to be able to revert back to the old style of replies!
Love the features. So using it for my personal and professional tweets. :D