Better Together Dating

Dating app for the #Remain crowd (UK referendum)

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Al Mackin
Al Mackin@almackin · Founder
Hey John - great idea! Can you share a bit more about why you built this and is it a full dating site? (So you can get matches, message people etc)
John Kershaw
John KershawMaker@wardrox · Freelance developer
@almackin It is indeed a full site. We've got some fancy tech called M14 ( that lets us do dating-apps-as-a-service. This is partly an experiment to test where our tech is up to. But the main reason we made it is because we were all so bummed out on friday, we needed something to cheer ourselves up with. It's why the tone of Better Together is so positive and optimistic. As a startup, our funding is in part from the EU, half my family are French, our CTO is Canadian on an EU visa, our CMO is a child of immigrants... we've got Europe in our DNA.
Andrew Allsop
Andrew Allsop@andrewallsop
John, I love how you're thing is to piggyback cultural phenomenons and turn them into business opportunities. I'd love to join and see what it's like, but my girlfriend wouldn't be too happy :P
John Kershaw
John KershawMaker@wardrox · Freelance developer
@andrewallsop Haha, funnily enough we get that feedback quite a bit. It's especially amusing when we hear that from investors.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I think this should be done for being friends too
John Kershaw
John KershawMaker@wardrox · Freelance developer
@bentossell We toyed around with that; a few of the other apps on M14 sit in that part-dating, part-social space. And tbh, given how people use most dating apps, I'd expect a fair number of users to only be there to chat with people. But, we also needed to try to keep the messaging super simple and clear, hence the focus more on dating. Maybe we should spin up RemainFriends™ too!
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Nothing brings people closer than Brexit
Jason Hitchcock
Jason Hitchcock@jasonhitchcock · Problem Solver @ Bebo
is this a serious pursuit or a joke product? did you anticipate this before the brexit vote or come up with it after?
John Kershaw
John KershawMaker@wardrox · Freelance developer
@jasonhitchcock It's a serious product. The fully-featured web-app exists, and apps (iOS & Android) are currently getting approval. We were actually in talks with one of the major Remain campaign groups about spinning this up a few months ago, as a way to engage younger voters. In the end they decided there was too high risk of something going wrong so we shelved the idea. It was on Friday when we figured we would like to try it ourselves.