Better Shopify Checkout

Transform your Shopify checkout page.

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Hey Product Hunters, we made a little thing for Shopify to give their current checkout experience an update. We are a small design and development shop working with startups helping them push their own products forward. Lately we’ve been building a lot of Shopify templates for our customers and always running into headaches updating the checkout pages so we made this. Any feedback would help tremendously!
@erickreutz Hi Eric, Looks awesome, I had a hard time completely customizing the checkout for our own store, would have been very happy with this! :-) How does this work with the shopify's new checkout layout?
@hsl thanks Harold! Which new layout were you referring to?
@erickreutz This one: (link from the august partner newsletter) They completely redid the HTML structure, quite awesome as the current one sucks big time.
I run several Shopify sites and will definitely be using this.
$29 for a handful of simple CSS changes?
@ShloimeFlg have you ever tried customizing the existing Shopify checkout pages? It's a nightmare. We think $29 is a fair price.
We looked at a very similar way of check out at SEOshop. But we decided to offer 3 types of checkouts and let the User A/B test them because I think they way your checkout should be depends on the type of customer you're getting. But I like the light style of this tho, great job!
Was unavailable for some time, now works well! Looks wonderful!