Better Posture

A simple timer that reminds you to stand up once in a while

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@nimaboustanian I like the idea! However this is useful for people who are extremely busy and they forget to even move (people like me) and we have 75 tabs (with 5 other apps) working all at the same time. So it doesn't makes sense for a web app, It'll be lost. I'd love a Mac App which sits in my menu bar and remind me in every 20 mins!
@iamdeveloper we did this for slack. that way (if you use slack) you are covered on all platforms! check it out
@nimaboustanian love it, beautifully done. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
@mscccc would love for you to check out our slack bot that helps with posture, mindfulness, water and a few things more!
Hello Nima, this is a simple & elegant site you got here... I really like the little tips as well. However, I think that there are many tools out there that are similar to this. What makes this bookmark worthy?Are you planning on more updates? I personally use another product for mac that was featured on here that does something similar, except a little more customizable. Would be cool for you to explain, thanks. Keep up the great work!