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Explore social, housing, and economic data across the U.S.

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Better Know Your Area provides an at-a-glance view of social, economic, demographic, and housing characteristics across the United States. All numbers are presented alongside state and national statistics for context.

Our goal is to make it easier to learn about the places you care about and highlight interesting data about the American people.




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Lama Al Rajih@lamaalrajih
Hey @brensudol! 👋🏼 Can you give us a little background on why you made Better Know Your Area and where they data comes from/how frequently it's updated?
brendan sudolMaker@brensudol
Hi @lamaalrajih! A little background on why I made this: I think there is so much super interesting (and very granular) data about the American public, but it's often overwhelming to navigate and sift through and challenging to put in the proper context. My goal is simply to make it easier for people to learn about places they care about and showcase some neat, public data (i.e., average commute time to work or % of people who work from home) and hopefully encourage users to explore further. All data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (2016 5-year estimates), their latest release. And I plan to refresh the data as newer releases are published. One additional thing to note: all of the code that powers Better Know Your Area is open source. Here's a link to the React app ( and here's how the data is collected and cleaned (
Lama Al Rajih@lamaalrajih
@brensudol awesome! I tried it out, and would love to see data on cities down the line for even more accurate data. Thanks for sharing!
Yuri Moreno@yurimoreno
@brensudol I love the approach behind the project and how the data is presented. Congrats!
Nick Sarro@downeastcakes · Nick Sarro
Wow! That's this is great. Love to see this data
Nick Sarro@downeastcakes · Nick Sarro
Oh I noticed the page name in my tab says "better know york area"
brendan sudolMaker@brensudol
@downeastcakes Good catch! Just pushed up a fix for this typo (should be live imminently) 😜
Taylor Zorman@taylorzorman · Marketer
This is a really great site! It would be great if I could select more than just 1 county at a time. :)
brendan sudolMaker@brensudol
Thanks @taylorzorman!! And completely agree! That's next on the roadmap: adding ability to select and compare multiple counties, and adding ability to view info by other geo granularities, like zip codes :)
Andreas Carlos Freund@acfreund · Founder & CEO at DiveIn
This is great. We need more products like these to truly understand our own communities.