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Hey Product Hunt! As someone that's worked on several large and small scale projects, one of the last things to get done, if ever, are error pages. www.soundviz.com/404 Classic. They're just not a priority. They're one of those polish elements, though, that lends legitimacy and trust to a product, so having great, informative error pages can go a long way. Better Error Pages is a response to this. We've designed and built three templates that can be fully customized to fit your needs. If you're a StatusPage customer, we'll pull relevant data from your status page to make your error pages dynamic and informative. Once you've finished the setup, we send you a package with everything you need to drop in to your public folder and go. It makes dealing with your error pages a painless, sixty second thing. We're super excited to be sharing this with you and happy to answer any questions!
My own product is launching today on PH right along side yours, but damn if I couldn't help but click over to your site. Looks freaking awesome, man. Thinking back on on the hard work we spent into our own 404 page, I can't believe someone didn't do this ages ago. Great job! We'll def use these on Patent Monk!
@steven_rushing @tylermdavis Seriously! Where were you guys a few months ago when we were custom building ours. Great idea guys!
Great little tool and I expect also a nice lead generator for StatusPage. Good work :)
@tompedals of course you can remove statuspage link from the source code :)
great idea and logical extension of the statuspage.io product
Idea: create a plugin for several open-source CMS (Ex: Wordpress) so less code-savvy users can take advantage of the service Cool and simple product by the way.
@johntheoak Totally agree and something we plan on implementing. Thanks for the feedback!