Health insurance claims made simple

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Super excited for this app...! I've had a ridiculous time w/ Kaiser Permanente's website trying to figure out if my newly discovered acupuncture treatment is covered (it is!) and whether the clinic I went to is in-network (it isn't!). Can't wait to sic Better on KP to get my healthcare bills paid! It's like Service but for healthcare!
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Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina! I’m so glad you found Better. KP is tough to work with and insurance companies aren't known for user friendly web design. Glad we can help you to better understand your coverage and benefits!
@chrismessina Would love to see a screenshot of how you organize all your apps!
@ariehmovtady organize? HA! I just fumble my way around.
Hi Product Hunt! I am Rachael, the co-founder and CEO of Better. We just launched V2 of the Better app along with a MVP of our web/mobile product. We'd love you to check it out and share your feedback. (If you catch a bug send it to us– Better is an app that makes it easy to get money back from your health insurance. Simply take a photo or forward us an email of any out-of-network health expense and we will take it from there. We check each claim for missing information, submit it to your health insurance, and deal with any issues that arise along the way. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the check. Along with launching V2 of our app, we are dedicating 100% of our initial revenue to purchasing and forgiving $16,000,000 worth of medical debt for folks across the US. Medical debt is a huge problem impacting 1 in 4 households. It is the cause of 62% of personal bankruptcies. At Better, we want to do our part to help! We are forgiving more medical debt than John Oliver did on Last Week Tonight, which was the largest TV giveaway in history. Our scrappy little team is coming to take his title. We hope you'll help us on this mission.
I appreciate the performance-based pricing model. If only the rest of the healthcare industry worked the same way. :P
@aegenes I so agree! It was really important to us when creating our pricing model that our financial incentives were aligned with those of our users and that it was based on the actual value we create for them. Working with insurance companies is a lot of hard work but it's work that makes a difference.
While I wish this country was on a path toward universal health care rather than away from it, Rachael is solving a really important problem. It's extremely confusing to navigate the reimbursement process and understand what your policy covers and doesn't cover. Better is giving you access to patient advocates that can shepherd you through the system.
@kimmaicutler There is a lot up in the air with health policy right now. This has a true impact on people's lives. One thing is certain, our underlying claims system is not going anywhere and it is far too complicated for individuals to reasonably navigate on their own.
Healthcare is in need of a major overhaul... Rachel and John are making health insurance a better experience. Snap photos of your out of network receipts and get reimbursed. Stop wasting time, get Better.
@marshallhayner Amazing! Thanks so much for the kind words. "Stop wasting time, get Better." may be have to be our new tagline.