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Hi @eriktorenberg, 1) I built this out of a personal need, sounds cliché but it's true. During Soccer European Championship in 2012 I couldn't find a way to make custom bets with my friends who were away, so I decided to mock something up. It then evolved (a lot) to become Betify. 2) We are solving an engagement problem. Through research we found out that 90% of brands' fans and followers are inactive online. They don’t like, comment or share the posts. The main reason is because they have no incentive to get involved. With Betify we provide them fun, fresh content and rewards to maximise their interaction with the brand. 3) We monetize businesses by up-selling our analytics and acquisition tools. We monetize users with in app purchases (helps you progress quicker in the app). Hope that is useful :)
Awesome app, loads of fun and a beautiful UI.
Intriguing option to consider if you're looking for a gamification tool to add to your brand marketing strategy.
@techtidbitsme Thanks! Some businesses initially struggle to see how gamification works in Betify, but they get there in the end!
Who's the demo, here?
Thanks for upvoting guys! I am the founder of @getBetify. Feel free to ask whatever you want to know!
@samhuber 1) why'd you build this? 2) what problem do you feel you are solving? 3) how are you going to monetize?
@samhuber when are you going live?