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Book, order & pay ahead at local restaurants & coffee shops

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Hey ProductHunters! we think it’s time to skip the boring, awkward parts of daily routine especially when it comes to dining out or paying for a meal. Either you're always in a rush or not, why waste your time when you can enjoy it? No more waiting. No lines. No wallet. No need to look out for your server again. bethere app is an open marketplace and your favourite local stores can join instantly & without a review. Paying with Apple Pay (within the app) is the quickest & easiest way to order & settle the bill either for takeout or for in-store transactions. We connect locals with businesses helping bookings, orders & payments happen safely & efficiently. Please, share any thoughts!
Which cities are you in?
@dswiese The featured locations on their home page all seem to be London-based.
Hi Panos - I've downloaded the app and I like the functionality. My question is surrounding how will bethere differentiate itself from the other restaurant booking or delivery options out there?