BetaTesta is a platform that helps you as makers get the valuable feedback you need as you develop your products.

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This is cool, I particularly love how you can search for testers based on their interests etc so you can work with your target audience. How do you source your testers @thisdickie?
@abadesi Hey! This has just launched but I will be recruiting from via my current subscribers through, Reddit groups, Indi Hackers forum and through my own network!
Hi Product Hunters! Super excited to be hunted again! Shoutout to Abadesi 🤘🏻 BetaTesta is a super simple platform to help pair makers with testers and what a better place to launch than on Product Hunt! BetaTesta is totally free for the time being as I’m trying to acquire more testers to the platform to get it kick started! I am totally aware that there are a few good beta testing platforms out there and have used many myself. However, I felt a lot where overly complex for my needs as a solo maker. Video recording, live chats and complex questionnaires are all well and good when you are a large organisation with a big budget looking to launch the next big tech product, but what about the side hustlers, makers, tinkerers and general startup enthusiasts! That's where BetaTesta comes in. It quite simply pairs products with testers, nothing more, nothing less! After creating NoCode a year ago and being relatively new to building websites and outside of a network to provide any support I tried many usability testing platforms and found them overly complex for my basic needs, not to mention the costs associated. So I thought I’d give it a shot building a platform myself with the hope it will help others in my previous situation. I would love to hear everyones feedback! Ah the irony! Asking for feedback for a beta testing platform 😬
Love. Love. Love. Thank you for hunting @abadesi and for making @thisdickie!
@abadesi @thisdickie Just signed up to become a tester. @thisdickie Have you considered including a question about mobile OS preference to help filter for makers and testers? I have access to Android so if I get only iOS emails to test I might get annoyed, then bored, then opt out. Just a thought...
@jeff_osborn thanks for the feedback. I do have a tag for iOS and Android against each tester so you can filter by either of those tags. Hopefully the makers consider this before contacting a tester! I will keep an eye on this. Thanks again! 🤘🏼
Love this! Thanks @thisdickie
@angealest thanks a lot! 👍🏻
This is great @thisdickie I have been looking for exactly... this. All signed up. Well done and TU!
@natmaas cheers! Much appreciated! Let me know how it goes!