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Betas is a place to get feedback on your site or app. You can request to get feedback on specific features, or just get feedback on the overall experience, or whatever you request! Post yours today!

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Hey PH! I saw a ton of people on Quora asking me to review their site or app and what they can do to improve it, so I thought creating a dedicated space for getting feedback on sites and apps made sense. This will be my third product here on PH and feel pretty good about this one! If you want to get feedback on your site or app, whether you launched it today or 10 years ago, post in on Betas and get feedback on it! Thanks and see you there!
I see on Meta. One idea: it would be fun and likely more useful feedback if users could annotate websites with their feedback. P.S. the logo reminds me of Betterup.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. Haha, I guess I needed to build a site to get feedback on it!
I love the idea. the red feedback notifications looks really, really nice.
I really appreciate something like this. How do you plan on differentiating from something like BetaList or Betafy? And, do "testers" just check the site periodically to see what's there, or do you notify them when a new site is listed? Finally, are the sites listed reverse chronological? Just wondering...
@markdoyle Hey Mark, thanks for the questions. It's not even really about beta testing. It's about getting feedback. But I think they are one in the same...You need to use something in order to have feedback for it. This isn't a place to gather emails or get people to sign up for anything. It's for live projects, whether they're in "beta" or not. Any site or app, at any stage, can be posted. When you think about it, everything is always in "beta". Being in "beta" is really about gathering data to improve your app or site. So really, everything is always in "beta". That's how I look at being in beta. And on top of that, new features for well established sites like product hunt could be posted. @rrhoover could post Sip on Betas to get feedback on PH's latest feature or any new launches for that matter. I'm very familiar with Betalist and have launched other apps on there. This is really about getting feedback, not to get signups, but of course, this could be a way for people to draw an audience to eventually get those signups through your site or app. I do plan on people being able to opt-in to getting an email about the latest posts. So that's something in the works. Regarding the order of the sites...They are listed by the latest posts, BUT I noticed the database doesn't always save them chronologically, so I'm going to rework it to make it more accurate from sorting the latest at the top. Thanks for the kind words and feedback!
@jaaaaarek Sooo.. Feedback can be from anyone? I see that the only way to sign up is via Google, but you are able to modify your name and title. So, for those wary of associating their g+ account to a public platform (Even though g+ is a public platform itself), they can use a pseudonym? And retain a somewhat, kind of, slight masking of their identity? Are you going to mod any of the feedback, and to what degree? Apologies for the barrage of questions.
@girly_lead_foot Yes, we are all users, so feedback can be from anyone. Right now the only way to sign up is with Google, but I plan to add more options as I continue to improve and add more features. Title is not taken from google, the only things taken from Google sign-in are name, email and profile image. You can choose to change the name provided by the google account you signed up with if you choose, to fit the site or app you are trying to get feedback on to look more professional. Or, it can just be to clean it up. For instance, the gmail name for me was Jarek O, and I simply changed it to just read, Jarek, to be cleaner. When you post something on Betas, it does not post to your G+ account, Betas is simply creating an account with some information provided by the gmail account you signed up with. What do you mean by mod feedback?
@jaaaaarek Ah thank you for answering in depth! Now nobody will recognize me on your site! muahahahaah! And mod, that's kind of a slang term/shortcut for the word "Modify". For instance on Reddit, you have people who kind of run and watch over their subreddits, called mods, and if someone posts something inappropriate or breaks the subs rules, they delete the post and/or clean it up. Same goes for message groups, there's always mods who ensure everything being posted by others is within community standard. So basically, I was wondering how you would handle thingsnif you had either a complete idiot posting useless feedback, or someone trolling. Post Edit: Im loving this so far.
@girly_lead_foot Oh I see. Not really sure yet. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions and glad you’re enjoying it so far!
Great idea, thanks. I am desperately looking for beta testers & feedback for one of my new creations. I'll definitely post it there.
@aviggiano Hey again Antonio! Thanks for submitting to Betas. Thanks also for the feedback on!