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Now that you have opened up to all and not just Beta sites, and that your new design has a striking resemblance to Product Hunt, what now sets you apart from Product Hunt?
@balickichris BetaPage is in a transition period now; It is still away from what we want to deliver, although the development was done as per the demands of its contributors and we are still developing. But in the current version also we are different from PH as anyone can feature any product here.There is no need of special invitation or special rights.Any product can get trending here if the community likes it and moderator status is decided by Karma only. BetaPage may look like PH in its transition period but once we deliver our final product, it would be entirely new in its concept and approach.
Found interesting startup
Hey! I found a bug: when I sign up and try to submit startup or product I'm being redirected to privacy settings... Kind regards.
@danielperis Thanks for spotting a bug. Let me check and fix it.
@jiten_bansal I found another bug related to social accounts > Linkedin. Linkedin's base URL is "" but your system works with "" that always returns 404 error. Cheers,
Today a major redesign of BetaPage is alive: "...the launch of BetaPage 2.0 with new features suggested by you through the feedback taken by the BetaPage team three months ago." Here is the medium post for the launch by @_v_a_r_s_h_a_ : Congrats to the team!
@leonelmore Thanks Leonel, Today is a big day for us as we launched BetaPage 2.0 today and simultaneously got featured on Producthunt.
Found a cache bug which was promptly fixed by the BetaPage team. Thanks!