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#4 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2015

Betaout is an All-in-One Ecommerce Marketing Software that has developed a Powerful Customer Intelligence and Marketing Automation Platform for E-commerce companies of all sizes. It offers detailed User Analytics and facilitates User engagement with relevant personalized communication


Erin Sayegh


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Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh@prashant_singh
we use it for our lifecycle email management . very handy and easy to use . Gives us the flexibility with a good openrate . i have used multiple solution for this problem and so far this one has got best cost /email sent .
Arjun Maheshwari
Arjun MaheshwariMakerHiring@arjunmaheshwari
@pacificleo Thanks Prashant. Working with Shifu team has been great.
Ankit  Maheshwari
Ankit MaheshwariMakerHiring@ankitind1
I am one of the founders. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. - Ankit
Oleg Kozynenko
Oleg Kozynenko@kozkozkoz · Founder @revoice
Hi @ankitind, this looks amazing! Mixpanel + Intercom + Mailchimp all in one. How much does it cost? Can I use it in mobile apps?
Ankit  Maheshwari
Ankit MaheshwariMakerHiring@ankitind1
@kozkozkoz - Mobile notifications is in beta stage - and we are working with few clients on it. It will be live for public use in few months,
Mayank Dhingra
Mayank Dhingra@mayankdhingra
We've been using Betaout for about an year and quite like it
Arjun Maheshwari
Arjun MaheshwariMakerHiring@arjunmaheshwari
@mayankdhingra Thanks, it has been fun working with you guys.
Rabi Gupta
Rabi Gupta@rgupta29 · Cofounder Eva bot @Vizzi
One of the most comprehensive ecom marketing solution.
Arjun Maheshwari
Arjun MaheshwariMakerHiring@arjunmaheshwari
@rgupta29 Thanks Rabi for your support.